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Definition and Importance of Photometry in LED Lighting

What is photometry? This science measures light rays perceptible to the human eye, evaluating the luminous flux received by a surface. Its main units of measurement are lux and foot-candles. Indispensable for all lighting projects, large or small, photometry ensures optimal, high-quality LED lighting. It checks that the lighting meets the required criteria of efficiency, distribution and luminous intensity.

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Evolution and Photometry in LED Lighting

The mastery of photometry is crucial to the transition from traditional lighting technologies to modern LED solutions. This science is fundamental, especially in large spaces such as factories and gymnasiums, where precise light distribution is essential.

Lighting has evolved considerably since the days of fire and wax candles. Today, technological advances have significantly improved the efficiency and luminous flux of bulbs and luminaires. This evolution implies numerous terms and measurements to assess light quality, making photometric simulations essential for large-scale LED lighting projects. They ensure that illumination complies with standards and is aesthetically pleasing.

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What is this?

Photometry is the science of measuring light rays perceptible to the naked eye, meaning, the luminous flux measured on a surface that receives light. Its unit of measurement is the lux or the foot candle.

Whether for a large or more modest project, photometry is essential and ensures optimal and quality LED lighting.

The Importance of LED Lighting Simulations

When planning LED lighting projects, simulations are a central element, especially when large-scale trials are impractical. They ensure that the layout of light points complies with standards and aesthetic criteria, providing uniform, optimal light. These simulations provide a precise visualization of light distribution, enabling in-depth photometric studies prior to installation. In this way, they play a vital role in improving LED lighting for a variety of environments.

The photometry gives the exact number of lux on the ground according to the type/model of product you are going to use to light. Also, the number of projectors required will vary according to the wattage of the products installed and the costs will be assessed accordingly.

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