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LED Bathroom Mirrors

Experts en éclairage LED

LED Bathroom Mirrors

The LED Bathroom Mirror serves as a crucial decorative element during any bathroom renovation or design project. At LEDCO, we provide a curated selection of three types of LED Bathroom Mirrors to suit your needs.


  • Our Illuminated LED Bathroom Mirrors offer precise, directional lighting to the face, making them perfect for tasks that require attention to detail like applying makeup or shaving.
  • Our Backlit LED Bathroom Mirrors are distinguished by their decorative appearance. The luminous halo created by the light located at the back is particularly effective in obtaining a soft and warm atmosphere.
  • Our Cabinet LED Bathroom Mirrors blend the benefits of illuminated mirrors with the functionality of a traditional bathroom cabinet.




Choose the perfect LED Bathroom Mirror that aligns flawlessly with your individual style and specific requirements, transforming your bathroom into an elegant and modern haven.




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