SKU: LCBARN-40W-120V-50K

Discover the Outdoor LED Sentinel, available in 40W and 70W power options, offering an innovative and high-quality outdoor lighting solution. Designed to provide exceptional illumination, our LED sentinel is suitable for a multitude of environments, from private residences to urban spaces, and is particularly popular in the livestock sector.


Whether you choose the 40W version for efficient, energy-efficient light or the 70W version for even more intense brightness, this LED sentinel is ideal for illuminating barn doors, gardens, and courtyards. Its popularity in the agricultural sector is a testament to its reliability and efficiency.


The Outdoor LED Sentinel is a high-performance, energy-efficient lighting solution, perfect for anyone looking to improve the security and aesthetics of their outdoor spaces. Choose our Outdoor LED Sentinel, in 40W or 70W, for quality outdoor lighting, combining style, efficiency and durability. Illuminate your outdoor spaces with advanced LED technology, designed to meet all your lighting needs.


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